SEO Campaign Services Indonesia

To rank a business for business goals takes more than brand in digital world. Brand matters when it spells out things that will serve the constituents good association and perception. Brand needs story and experience to build the connection. SEO campaign services specialist in Indonesia ROCKAD give you valuable insight.

Out of multi-channel to conquer, here is the guerrilla space of pixels and one and zero of the search engine pages. The front page is liken to be front yard of an estate you find when you are walking on trails where you may have no idea which to choose as the leading path to where you want to go. This may seem like depiction of a fairy tale in movies. But here is the engagement which is important to build the digital paths for your and our potential customers.

Digital space is seemingly so much crowded yet there is untapped territory which can be explored and served in a way that will fulfill the curiosity and create the connection.

To bring the campaign to live, you need to consider starting with pay per click campaign (PPC) initially. This is presumed to be less competitive than SEO campaign considering Google has provided all the tools and analytics to build the campaign such as keyword research planner and various types of targeting your potential audience. It can serve to bring awareness and test your online market potential. If you can afford a budget of five million Rupiah a month for at least three months or more, you would have the insights to understand.

Building your relevancy and authority is pivotal to SEO campaign. When you are still no brand to become a brand, you need to associate your online asset which is your website, with other websites which have been the authority for topic or interest you are also part of. There are so many of websites that can be connected with, while competing businesses should not be a concern as they will also be your insights to improve your own services or products.

Concerning this tactical campaign which is pretty tedious and involve creative approaches with compliance to terms and conditions with websites’ policies and ethical online conducts, it is the expertise of SEO professionals and common business sense that will provide the safe passage. SEO is always changing following the patterns of algorithms and it is always on upward move which means it is always about higher quality and improved user experience for technical and non-technical aspects. To cover its important aspects of both sides will be great SEO campaign achievement. Technology-wise, this experience will be become richer and executable; it is human vision and conceivability that will make it happens.

Being social with social technology is the connecting dots. It makes you more comfortable to establish connections in many interactive ways. Building presence and awareness by being good at sharing and listener is low cost advertising to start.

Making connections with online news and other similar public media will give you weight on quality links to your website. The challenge is that they may not be easy to approach and may not allocate good amount of budget depending on which tier each media is. Some online PR agency will help resolve this issue with their and working relationship with these media on regular basis. You can also discuss with the PR agency different ways that will meet with your budget and timeline. This will give you brand leverage as media is considered authority in their reporting in the eyes of Google. The ideal situation is they spot your business and request you for coverage, interview and photo sessions, and then you can jump on the opportunity right away.

Online campaign with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will play crucial part in building your network for long term business. Once you build it right from the ground, it will maintain the awareness alive and you can always build more on that from higher ground.

Any business having difficulties of building this lead generation method by SEO campaign should start planning one. Like experience itself, online presence will be strong especially you are there at the top in the first instance. 

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Choose Your Local SEO Services

For those customer who want to be served by local SEO services, benefit you can get the cost is much cheaper and very effective when compared to traditional media advertising on TV, Billboard or Newspaper that can not be measured properly. Make a campaign on Google or Facebook or Twitter in just a few minutes after the material has been uploaded, your message to the end-users and certainly measurable impression or exactly an increase in sales.

SEO Services in Indonesia slowly grow in the market global, which is a telltale sign that it is an information technology business going into higher traction in the last few years. This is an opportunities to bring the services into Indonesian niches.  Looks like many of SEO services focused on Jakarta area, done by individual professionals or companies. Another factor is so many online shop in Indonesia, called Bukalapak, Tokopedia, even before them we have already toko bagus and Olx but it seems ownership already changed and so do their brand. Then Indonesia also one of large consument because many population of indonesia citizen.

SEO Service Indonesia to Boost Your Traffic

As a developing country with dynamic growth, business owners need to seize online opportunities by understanding how to create meaningful online presence by engaging SEO service in Indonesia for global market. Many website owners are hoping for traffic coming to their website on regular basis. Many still carry the ideal thinking that once their website gets online,  traffic will start coming naturally. Common things of attracting traffic are relying on putting website domain on name card, packaging, souvenir gift, banner, and a host of things anyone can think of as media for display.

These are things that have been done before coming of internet age as brand exposure. They are still acceptable way of doing marketing today, as it plays as part of marketing campaign that will provide more information on product and service. However, it may not give proper exposure for the website itself as online marketing tool. For this, there are plenty of strategies or ways to boost traffic to website. Here are some thoughts on how to achieve the goal with SEO service in Indonesia.

Anti Cyberbully Campaign Services Indonesia

Cyberbully or cyberbullying is new modern term that arises from the birth of internet. It is one type of online harassment that happens for many reasons, it may be either to maintain popularity or to cover the weak side of being low confidence. Digging into the motivations behind the behavior may be different subject to explore for other time. The internet brings the appeal of wiping out the boundaries of social interactions and these social interactions will happen instantly and superficially. It can be done anynomously and/or with fake account. Any one going online need to anticipate and participate in countering cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is the act of doing verbal violence on other subject on cyber media. It will involve making egressive remarks such as writing, expletive remarks, exchanges of comments and so on. Human-beings are social in nature and there is need to express their sentiments or emotion on other people and certain subjects. These are the ways people communicate digitally wherever and whenever they have the time with the gadgets they dearly hold all the time and other devices connected to the internet. Social lifestyle has enables people to stay more connected from public places such as cafes and restaurants, office buildings, malls and et cetera.

PR Online Indonesia

Layanan professional jasa PR online di Indonesia. Melakukan berbagai ragam publikasi online hingga meneruskan dan pemasangan konten siar berita (press release) pada berbagai situs berita nasional, Website, Blog dan berbagai kanal yang tepat. Mengoptimasinya agar siar berita mudah ditemukan pada dunia daring (online).

Mengoptimasi konten positif agar tampil pada halaman utama situs pencari dengan teknik SEO (Search Engine Optimization) yang baik. Membagikan dan menyebarkannya melalui media social. Pemasangan iklan resmi digital ads, apakah itu dengan menggunakan Google AdWords, Facebook Ads atau Twitter, YouTube. Meningkatkan engagement, jumlah Like, Followers secara efektif

Faktor Penting Mempengaruhi Peringkat Web di Google

Banyak versi, benar, banyak sekali pendapat yang menyatakan tentang apa saja yang bisa mempengaruhi perangkingan sebuah Website di mesin pencari Google. Tapi jika berkaca dari teknik SEO, maka versi yang sering membuat bingung para pemula dan mereka yang sedikit paham tentang optimasi selalu menyatakan backlink. Dan memang benar, faktor utama (setidaknya versi SEO tempo dulu sebelum era Google Panda dan Google Penguin adalah backlink). Tapi tak semua backlink bisa berpengaruh, beberapa jenis backlink malahan bisa mengundang penalti Google.

Teknik SEO Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing adalah salah satu bentuk bisnis online yang menjadi pilihan bagi para internet marketer, baik itu pemula atau Blogger yang sudah mahir. Setidaknya 2-3 tahun belakangan ini semakin tumbuh pesat. Konsep utama dari affiliate marketing adalah menjual produk unik melalui Web atau Blog yang terangkum dalam satu sistem pemasaran berbasis online, murni mengandalkan internet.

Tentu sangat mahfum bila kebanyakan Web atau Blog yang tergabung dalam satu affiliate marketing untuk satu produk berusaha untuk meningkatkan traffic pengunjung hingga tataran yang paling maksimal. Target peningkatkan traffic untuk teknik affiliate marketing tentu membutuhkan dukungan yang besar, terutama agar bisa mencapai SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) di halaman terluar (page 1-3) tampil menonjol pada halaman utama situs penjejak.

Keunggulan Beriklan Dengan Google AdWords

Digital marketing melalui search engine adalah salah satu strategi paling tepat untuk memasarkan produk atau jasa dengan pesat. Bagiamana tidak, pengguna di Indonesia saja sudah tembus hampir 100 juta orang setiap hari. Sedangkan di dunia mencapai 2,4 miliar. Bayangkan saja produk yang dipasarkan dilihat oleh ratusan juta dan milyaran orang di dunia dalam waktu bersamaan. Sudah bisa dipastikan popularitas brand akan naik dengan pesat dan penjualan pun akan meningkat.

Jika kesulitan menggunakan teknik SEO yang membutuhkan waktu berbulan-bulan agar bisa mencapai halaman pertama Google, menggunakan SEM hanya butuh waktu beberapa detik untuk bisa berada di halaman pertama. Cukup dengan melakukan iklan melalui Google AdWords, pengguna bisa meletakkan Website pada barisan pertama pencarian atau di sidebar pencarian Google.

Cara Baru SEO Website Menggunakan Konten

Optimasi Website merupakan suatu keharusan untuk mengembangkan web supaya bisa dikenal oleh para pengguna internet. Namun kadang bagi pemain online marketing baru justru terjerumus pada konsep SEO yang kurang benar. Salah satunya adalah dengan tidak terlalu memperhatikan kualitas dari konten. Padahal konten merupakan salah satu elemen terpenting dari website. Berikut beberapa cara dalam mengoptimasi SEO Website dengan menggunakan konten menurut Master SEO Indonesia Charlie M. Sianipar, founder dari situs GALASEO dan RAJASEO, antara lain:

Lebih Baik Google AdWords atau Facebook Ads?

Saat kita bertanya tentang siapa “sang raja” di internet? Pelaku jasa SEO profesional, SEO agency mengakui bahwa Google dan Facebook adalah sang raja di internet saat ini. Keduanya menjadi raksasa dibalik internet dan sama-sama memiliki platform tersendiri, berbeda dalam hal advertising atau iklan pemasaran online. Banyak pemilik bisnis kelas menengah kebawah bertanya tanya perihal mana yang terbaik untuk memasang iklan PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook ataukah Google?

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan diatas mari kita pelajari bersama-sama tentang cara kerja Facebook Ads dan Google AdWords. Secara keseluruhan Google AdWords memiliki cara kerja yang berbeda dari Facebook Ads. Jadi begini, saat seseorang ingin sesuatu katakanlah mencari informasi tentang “hosting” maka dia kan pergi ke Google dan mengetik kata pencarian di sana. Setelah itu sederet hasil pencarian “hosting” bermunculan dari angka satu sampai sepuluh.

Cara Cerdik Agar Omzet Tidak Drop Pada Bulan Puasa

Bukan rahasia lagi dikalangan pelaku usaha pada berbagai sektor bisnis, terutama kuliner omzet pada bulan puasa selalu turun dan sangat sulit mensiasatinya. Kondisi ini selalu berulang dari tahun ke tahun. Namun pebisnis tidak dapat menerima begitu saja, sudah terlalu besar biaya yang harus dipenuhi setiap bulannya agar usaha tetap eksis, cash-flow tidak terganggu. Selaku penggiat digital marketing kreatif dan pakar optimasi, penyedia jasa SEO profesional RAJASEO di Jakarta menawarkan beberapa solusi pemasaran online yang dapat diaplikasikan pada berbagai bidang usaha, dengan cara menjemput bola, beriklan secara lagsung kepada calon pembeli yang tepat sasaran. Teknik tersebut dapat dijalankan dengan ampuh bila tau cara yang tepat.

Update Algoritma Google Terbaru PigeonRank

Hari ini saya menerima email dari Google yang dikirimkan melalui Google Alert dengan judul “Pigeon” Algorithm Update Released Thursday 7/24/14. Artikel yang masih segar ditulis oleh pakar SEO, penyedia jasa SEO profesional kelas dunia, dicatat oleh Erika Karas di searchinfluence dot com. Tulisan sederhana yang menerangkan, pembaruan algorima Google PigeonRank, sang burung dara untuk mengawal Local Search untuk menyajikan hasil pencarian paling relevan, lebih cepat dan tepat.

"This update has further intertwined organic and local indicators, algorithms and results, and it has the potential to affect the rankings of many small businesses".