Anti Cyberbully Campaign Services Indonesia

Cyberbully or cyberbullying is new modern term that arises from the birth of internet. It is one type of online harassment that happens for many reasons, it may be either to maintain popularity or to cover the weak side of being low confidence. Digging into the motivations behind the behavior may be different subject to explore for other time. The internet brings the appeal of wiping out the boundaries of social interactions and these social interactions will happen instantly and superficially. It can be done anynomously and/or with fake account. Any one going online need to anticipate and participate in countering cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is the act of doing verbal violence on other subject on cyber media. It will involve making egressive remarks such as writing, expletive remarks, exchanges of comments and so on. Human-beings are social in nature and there is need to express their sentiments or emotion on other people and certain subjects. These are the ways people communicate digitally wherever and whenever they have the time with the gadgets they dearly hold all the time and other devices connected to the internet. Social lifestyle has enables people to stay more connected from public places such as cafes and restaurants, office buildings, malls and et cetera.