Anti Cyberbully Campaign Services Indonesia

Cyberbully or cyberbullying is new modern term that arises from the birth of internet. It is one type of online harassment that happens for many reasons, it may be either to maintain popularity or to cover the weak side of being low confidence. Digging into the motivations behind the behavior may be different subject to explore for other time.

The internet brings the appeal of wiping out the boundaries of social interactions and these social interactions will happen instantly and superficially. It can be done anynomously and/or with fake account. Any one going online need to anticipate and participate in countering cyberbullying, act for anti cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is the act of doing verbal violence on other subject on cyber media. It will involve making egressive remarks such as writing, expletive remarks, exchanges of comments and so on. Human-beings are social in nature and there is need to express their sentiments or emotion on other people and certain subjects.

These are the ways people communicate digitally wherever and whenever they have the time with the gadgets they dearly hold all the time and other devices connected to the internet. Social lifestyle has enables people to stay more connected from public places such as cafes and restaurants, office buildings, malls and et cetera.

Social media is one of the platforms where cyberbullying behavior takes place. The other is blogging or free sites. The impacts may not be seen by each opposite parties because of depersonalization of individuals on social media.

Remember when you read on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a public figure or celebrity making a comment and the subsequent responses are overwhelmingly negative to make fun of and vilify him/her. Some may take the responses lightly and some may feel intimidated, depressed and take the toll on the reputation.

For any individual with a lot of presence under the media and public spotlight such as public officials, celebrities, executives and other personalities, it is inevitable that may be subject of cyberbully from adversaries or people with differing views. Any aspect of their life will be under scrutiny to bring up something that can be exploited to drive unfavorable public opinions. Cyberbully happens when the affected subject can’t have balanced playing field.

Types of Cyberbully

Due to rich features of online media, the acts of cyberbully can come up from these formats:
1.    Negative name calling. This is the act of making association of a person with an animal or creature perceived negatively in a culture.
2.    Image and video spread. In this respect the image or video either private or public are spread on social media with expectation of getting shared and posted by others as the way of humiliating and object of satisfaction. The image or video will be added with mocking caption.

Cyberbully can have profound effect on the affected person when it goes far by publishing contents of discrediting articles and opinions. The content style may border on the journalistic work on the way it is presented like online publication of the major media and in the absence of balancing content from the subject of cyberbully, it will appear on the Google search engine result page (SERP) as the only source of information in respect of name or profile.

Solutions to Cyberbully

Taking the issue of cyberbully to the law enforcement agency or other relevant government agency will be your priority to put an end to your misery, because defamation is punishable under criminal law and relevant law for electronic information. It will be ideal situation if the defaming content can be taken down from online media or platform at its source.

If there is concurrent action to be taken against cyberbully, you need to seriously consider engaging search engine optimization strategies with cyber PR. Your side story should be seen in all the right online places.

Like getting foothold from cyberbullying situation for better future, it is search engine optimization (SEO) and cyber Public Relations (PR) that will gradually improve the persona back on the right track. It is not instant and easy, but SEO experts or professionals will deploy various digital reputation management strategies combined with cyber PR that will rank your profile and relevant contents on various social and websites on Google search.

At the same time, anti cyberbully campaign services will build positive branding of you. Fighting against cyberbully does not necessarily make revenge against the sources of cyberbully. When Charlie M Sianipar started SEO services Indonesia, he began by working on his first website on Wordpress platform and engaging in linking activities.

Back then, social media was not as popular as now. It can be said that his rise to the top in the rankings for terms such as master SEO Indonesia and SEO expert Jakarta can be attributed to consistent application of SEO.

Social media engagement is later combined for its popularity. It is testament that SEO and social media are worthy the effort and time to reclaim your good will. Paying attention to two major search engines, Google and Bing will give you advantage to be found on other search engines. Social media account or content may appear on the search engines as well. It serves the sign to Google’s algorithms that it carries some approval rating from online audiences.

All of the above factors for getting prominence with your name and contents are only glimpses of wider application of search engine reputation management. Assessing your online reputation and developing the right optimization across some websites including media websites in the process and staying up to date with search engines are programmatic approach to manage by partnering with SEO, social media and web development practitioners like GALASEO to bring the whole processes on the same page.

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“Unless and until our society recognizes cyberbullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.” - Onlinesense