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Digital reputation relates to your online outlook as the sum of all activities that have created a number of things such as blog posts, photos and videos, and any communication exchanges that take place surrounding the publicly available and searchable contents. Lack of good digital reputation may affect any potential relationship or partnership on personal and business level, and prospects of collaboration. It is important that you become aware at early stage and manage it well so as to serve your good intention of putting them online and paint the right picture of yourself. It can also serve to protect your digital reputation when there is fact less content about you.

In the early days of internet revolution, it may also be referred as internet reputation control or internet reputation protection, for which you may request negative online posts which are categorized as slander, defamation or denigration are removed from certain sites. The same contents may surface on online forum, review sites, and a number of unknown blogs. With the social media being part of mass and instant online interactions, internet reputation control becomes quite a challenge to manage internet reputation. Taking the case directly and legally to the sources may be one approach to deter further dissemination of these unwelcome contents and stop the proliferation by other unrelated parties.

Also one aspect of this online reputation management is how to anticipate the negative or unfavorable contents that linger on the search results, particularly on the first page of Google search, it is the most viewed and clicked links out there you can expect when people find any information. If a user is curious enough because of the need to understand and dig out more information, it may go further down the following pages, regardless of their relevancy and quality of respective link.

Search engine result is one aspect of digital channel where anyone will expect to find something when they have least understanding of the subject or object. It is useful when someone searches for information that may not be available from official or public media portals or websites. Any posts from social media platform may also be indexed and displayed on the searches.

The connectivity and vast availability of the internet has made digital reputation to be centered on one of this source of information, i.e. search engine. There are so many search engine machine run by private companies in the world and Google is at the top of the hierarchy as it has the advance machine learning to structure the information based on so many matrices that will present the information no matter what the sentiment is, positive, negative or neutral.

Indonesia internet reputation control  or digital reputation management by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency, ROCKAD and GALASEO in Jakarta

Digital reputation management will also center around the utilization of the same technology to help you minimize the negative impact of the contents, old and new, from being the first information people see online without amends from yourself on the same level.

It may start with content production, no matter what format it may take but it requires some contents to be produced gradually and posted on publicly available websites from time to time and this may also go with developing, managing and protecting a company’s and person’s online reputation through social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But it needs to be taken outside of the social media platform by working on the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any action taken for online search platform should comply with website policy and search engine friendly, otherwise it will not yield result.

Taking back or improving your digital reputation may be difficult task to undertake but there is prospect to accomplish it. What is already out there from the past may not be able to be erased, it is better image that you need to build online as the most recent and relevant things you can project to the public.

Digital reputation management as professional SEO services can be undertaken by GALASEO Indonesia online marketing provider or ROCKAD to be executive partner in cleaning up your digital reputation. It is difficult but not impossible to do by the expert, Cyber PR agency and SEO Campaign Services Indonesia. It takes time and expertise to make it proceed efficiently. Call us to discuss about cyber reputation management, we know how to out-rank or de-indexing bad newn on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

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