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On any country level, there are so many news sites covering so many topics and interests thinking that it will ideally to gather large audience because of high number of articles produced.  If it is the case, search pages will be occupied by unqualified news pieces. To compete well, legitimate news sites need to pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as one way to outrank qualified news sites.

Indonesia is also undergoing digital transformation where print news sites are experiencing slowing growth while online news media are enjoying good percentage of growth, where room for growth will continue as Indonesia is continuing to build IT infrastructure to cover whole country digitally. While common understanding within SEO community is to get a website ranked in search results is having any back link from news sites because of their perceived high authority, then here comes the reverse approach with SEO to elevate the news site.

Handling SEO for news sites is different from SEO for regular or business sites as Google also treats news search specifically on search space. SEO services for such online news will accommodate those fullfilments which adhere to Google webmaster policy.

News is written with credibility and needs updates which is often more frequent and in short notice as an event develops for timely and analytic reporting, therefore there is specific guidelines to follow through, to make sure Google accepts it as news contents and it also provides features for the contents that may not be conventionally allowed for other type of contents.

Without experienced SEO campaign services in Indonesia or for global target, you will miss important and negative ranking factors back to back to be considered into Google News rankings. It is just to ensure that what you consider your best efforts will not work against you for news searches. When the features are used excessively yet unconsciously, it will cost the news site being penalized by Google either by algorithms or human actions. Anecdotally, it will be better to be penalized by webmaster such as of Google rather by machine because you will know where to improve.

To operate news site solely for news reporting maybe will not pose much challenge. However, it will become problematic when news site needs some ways of monetization on the site, to cover the costs on the long term. This will be sensitive as to balance between commercial and non-commercial aspects considering the penalty from search engine.

Writing for news sites will certainly create pages and pages simultaneously, it will be coordinated efforts to teach the team members to conduct specific keyword targeting at the highest level of the pages, which is usually for the homepage and news categories. To some extent, professional SEO experts will guide the journalists and writers on how to conduct keyword research to provide an overview on how it will give impact from existing online searches provided they exist and it does not erode the originality of the reporting itself. It needs to be conducted on ongoing basis so to create consistency and continuity for semantic factors. After all, readers’ ultimate experience should be the goal based on priorities set by the news publishers and is taken care of with SEO-friendly expertise and implementation.

Visibility of your news sites may have gained traction from optimization and enhancement in the Google news and regular Google search results, so that you are able to claim a share of audience’s attention when you are still vastly outranked by larger and more established online newspaper.

Charlie M. Sianipar, founders of GALASEO, digital agency in Jakarta, also business and SEO blogs, is one of the seasoned experts in SEO with long exposure to different regular websites and has recent experience in working and collaborating with news sites. He has good network in the media circle, making him in good position to grow the news sites. If you are looking into online news site business and its prospects, you had better to discuss with this SEO master before jumping into this costly investment. Choose your local SEO services, setting the goal right for survive-ability and timeline of expectations.

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