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SEO or search engine optimization is called upon when there is requirement for solutions in specific online marketing. It is the first specialization in inbound marketing. It is getting more attention of webmasters nowadays because of the true potential it create for business. It is basic fact that search engine services are used by millions of people every day. And there are many categories of searches performed by people to look up for information that matters to them. If a business runs a website of any specific industry, SEO can help to grow the business and meet business objectives.

Search engine like Google provides most relevant and qualified information on its first page as the way to rank them closely to the query made by a user. And these search results are likely to get clicks from their respective position on the page.

Current display on screen will show 5 results on laptop and desktop while on smart phone it will be less than that and on overall it will be further reduced when there is paid ad on top and other type of listing from map or location, video, images. It depends on what contents are available as relevant to relate to the search queries. These are the room for display where no one has to scroll down before he/she needs to check other links.

With the existence of all these different links overlapping between paid advertising and organic links, therefore it gives rise to the need of SEO Master to overcome and magnify the efforts to achieve the desired top ranking because of the benefits it presents to business. It is not hard to check on search results of hundreds of thousands of pages and titles that include the words typed by a user.

To determine the order of links to relevant information on a page, it involved complicated calculation by automation of software processes and with little human intervention. Information needs to be presented almost real time right now and it comes from any sources from any corner of the world.

Being SEO specialist means there is understanding and experience on the behavior of search engine in treating the content accordingly. To be totally honest, it may only cover few factors among so many factors being put into computing machine, but as long as it delivers result, then it is quite an achievement.

There is only one rule of thumb for SEO specialist to hold on to, that is to comply with webmaster policy guidelines as outlined by Google and apply different strategy creatively to make amends from time to time. SEO expert will stay current with any changes that happen as he/she performs the SEO on regular basis, he/she becomes accustomed to sense the change which may not be keen to be observed by people outside of search engine optimizer community or professionals.

Indonesia SEO specialist can help with ranking for brand and digital reputation management of products and services, as these are major classifications that matter to a business. It has been observed that some businesses are helpless to see its official website does not appear on top of the search page when its brand name is typed.

It can happen to any website of big business. It becomes prestige issue as it cannot present itself to other partners or potential partners and consumers as “simple” as being on the first search results. In certain case, it happens because of website overhaul from old to new template. It may look fabulous by design and display but it under-performs when search is all it takes to be on the top.

On the other hand, there are so many similar products and services are offered on the digital platforms from different brands, it tells its specific performance in great details. So it poses challenges to be ahead of crowds, the search engine optimized website or page is more likely to have more visits and make some sales.

The purpose of SEO specialist firm to perform some fine tune for website itself and beyond website is to bring user close and convenient through the marketing channel. It is the first channel of customer’s online journey so it had better impress the user at the first instance, as it is well known that there is matter of seconds to grab user’s attention in this information age.

Charlie M. Sianipar and Tandil Wijaya are these so-called SEO specialists in Indonesia, the founders of GALASEO, SEO marketing services agency in Jakarta. There are many existing and new comers of SEO specialists. There are many search terms that relate to SEO and many of them are optimized to get the visibility on search engines. High skilled search engine optimization specialists can be highlighted from ranking of their respective keywords in searches.

No single SEO specialist agency may be able to claim top spots for SEO services. It is tough competition to get into one. Repeat appearances for certain keywords may already help to bring in potential clients as long as there are actual numbers of searches with business intent.

There is no such guarantee to be on first page, but there is guarantee that consistent and persistent efforts in quality will pay off in the end. With the right frame work, it will build up over time. What is needed to be measurement of success is key performance indicators of important or prioritized keywords to be there on the first page. Otherwise, both sides will miss to see the timeline and time of yield for agreed period of contractual relationship.

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