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Searching for online marketing agency will imply a global context. Foremost, it is English term; the second rank language in the world and most widely understood language globally. Another important consideration is that it is still quite generic, so providing some general description will show how it works by understanding its work and achievable goals. For good respect, RAJASEO is agency for online marketing in Jakarta.

To be at the top of online marketing, the services will be based on data (analytics and other tools) and it will measure on the success on the campaign on several parameters that can be set, evaluated and checked against KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and what are considered to be good experience for focus, credibility and trust.

On the forefront is the website, it has to have the professional design for UX/UI as corporate identity to build trust and engagement. As complete services, RAJASEO will make sure the website is built for responsiveness on display and gadget-wise aspects, as have been exemplified for small and medium businesses in the sectors such as manufacturing, business consulting and property.

Mobile responsiveness is the focal point, as the consumers use mobile devices to access the website. A survey from Littledata reveals that average bounce rate from Google mobile search was 50.0%. Anything less than 35% and anything more than 70% will indicate whether the website is garnering or losing mobile traffic as performance indicator.

Based on WordPress platform, it helps the clients to reach high level of satisfaction by driving ranking into first pages and online presence with SEO-optimized websites. There is wisdom and tactics drawn from solid experience that will guide the clients through crowded online space with websites, directly and indirectly affects the competitive landscape and lead the road towards online success.

Clear Scope and Purpose-Driven Website

Website is built for being responsive and quick loading over the speed of internet connection that it will lead to satisfying user experience and develop consumer-oriented expectation. This is to say the website will provide any anticipated information the relevant consumers will look for. Visual details will be supplemented with appropriate call to action and other details that will highlight the credentials and credibility and competency as offline business.

Once the technical aspects as pointed above are fulfilled, it is also necessary to fill the website based on the scope and purpose. Clarity is the criteria for everything a business needs to convey to the audience.

The URL of each page, title and content needs, relevant internal information by links to be optimized in SEO terms to ensure it is comfortable and easy to understand and identify by both search engine crawlers and human readers. Sitemap is important for search engine to understand which page contains specific information. If a page is used to ask for CTA, then it will need to complement with color, button and font size that are well positioned and create good feeling to take proper actions.

Search Engine Optimization

This is initiated through analysis of professional SEO experts on major factors from search engine perspectives that may determine the path to take due to competition, keyword difficulty, and link profiles.

It is important to setup Google My Business as the good start for being mentioned and linked from Google product or service itself. Another good linking will be from YouTube. Information about address, contact number and other description must be presented on the GMB and it will drive traffic as well.

Citations which include information such as NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) are good references a business can create over a number of selected directories whether paid or free listings. Sometimes, it provides space to elaborate in details about the business and it may also reveal secret if identified properly to insert links by anchor text or text link in the body of the description.

Having online presence on high authority website particularly niche, professional or industry organization website and other trusted websites such as education, government and review is still considered to be effective for boosting website rankings.

The installation and monitoring through Google Search Console will make it convenient to check any issues with website performance and get valuable insights on optimizing the keywords that online users type to get to the homepage and subsequent pages.

Unique content is not only created for website itself, but they are also spread on articles made on other websites. There must be frequent check on duplicate contents as it hurts the performance of the website so bad, that Google will penalize almost instantly for this kind of practice. Unique keyword is made based on keyword research, to ensure content is geared towards content that resonates with specific audience.

Back links are still considered important signals to boost ranking on search listings from page to page. Therefore it is crucial to check for any spamming links pointing to website. It needs to be disavowed from time to time. Back links from high authority websites will create trust both to search engines and audiences. Good links are worth pursuing because it is difficult to obtain but it will help maintain the ranking in long term.

Social Media Management

To have social presence on social media will bring awareness, interactions and engagements directly with consumers. Consumers will hear and provide feedback to business or company rather than going to put reviews and comments on own or friends’ timeline without reverberation properly. Creating business page as a company is part of the strategy to anticipate any response from the consumers and improve based on social media analytics over time. Direct benefit from social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LindkedIn and also the likes of  Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Quora, Medium and Pinterest, for other examples.

Online Marketing Funnel

Through all the funnels optimized for website and other own digital channels and assets, it helps to target, qualify and serve your target market or audience so they will find you, begin to have trust and eventually contact and buy from you. If you understand well human behavior of this journey on buying process, then it takes longer when the product or service involves good amount of money. The higher the price tag, the more supporting information and trust level involved before final decision is made.

Online marketing agency means to bring the services that help you hang around your online audiences, make good impressions and befriend with them and let them see the solutions through your product or services. Behind the process are access to dashboards, tools, strategy and online connections that bring traffic, brand authority and ROI from KPI.

Professional Agency Services

Online marketing agency and client are two way process and it makes the whole process will benefit more to the client. The digital marketing agency Indonenia will strive to create series of actions that will bring positive impacts on the business while it takes two to thrive together.

GALASEO is partner in the circle that will amplify the online marketing agency Indonesia for network and capacity. In SEO strategy, it takes two or more to perform better when the agency knows which work better than other.